WICO Testing

wico dealWellness Consultants want to introduce you to a new and powerful wellness tool called WICO®.

Just like FICO® for credit, WICO® is a wellness score that is determined by evaluating 15 functional health conditions, based on your symptoms.

Here is how it works: You go to www.WICO.us and enter an access code we provide, so you don’t have to pay the $75 cost of taking the questionnaire.

Once all the questions are answered you will immediately see your WICO® Wellness Score, and how good of a score it is that matches the FICO® numbers.

A score over 800 is great, and as it goes down it gets worse. You will also see how many mild, moderate and severe conditions you have from the 15 functional health conditions we analyzed, that make up your WICO® Score.

Thereafter, we will have a consultation; the objective is to review which of the 15 functional health conditions is severe, moderate and mild, while explaining why you may have certain functional imbalances and how you can correct them.

Finally, we will explain how we use the WICO® Score to pinpoint food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies while determining the root cause of your symptoms.

WICO® is an essential step for anyone that has unhealthy bio markers, like insulin resistance, elevated blood sugar, blood pressure or bad lipids, as the underlying reason for these unhealthy markers many times has to do with the body’s functional imbalances.

Typically, the WICO® Questionnaire costs $75 and $100 to have the WICO consultation. However, as a new patient of our clinic you will be given the above offer at no charge, a $175 savings.

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