Advanced Therapy

Dr. Burdell using the laser on a patient at the Wellness Consultants clinicWellness Consultants is pleased to offer leading edge, science based, clinically sound technologies for the benefit of accelerating the healing of our patients.

Erchonia’s lasers made history by becoming the first to receive FDA market clearance for the treatment of chronic pain, proven through two double blind IRB studies. The Erchonia Lasers are the most advanced lasers on the market, with their sleek revolutionary design, patented line generated beam, and the ability to program independent frequencies in all of their family of lasers.

Additionally the use of our percussor clearly advances our ability to accelerate the healing processes in the physical medicine side of our services by assisting the remodeling and re-education of an injury sites to accelerates re-stabilizing muscle and joint structures. Treatment with a percussor can accelerate recovery from the malfunction of nerve structures and reconnect the injured areas with the nervous system.

Laser Therapy FAQ