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Wellness Consultants & Metagenics Sponsor Trip to National Competition

Dr Mark with Emily and Jesseca
Dr Burdell getting a thank you letter from the girls.

By Emily Ramsey –

A map of the trip to Nationals
A map of the trip to nationals.

Little did I know that a car accident on June 18, 2015 would change our lives in such a positive way.  My younger sister, Jesseca, and I were on our way to Seattle for an appearance at the Mariner’s game for her birthday weekend when we were hit from behind and thrown into the car in front of us.  We were the 3rd car in a 4 car pile-up that resulted in my car being completely totaled.  The pain that quickly set in had my sister and I fearing that we would not be able to make our cross country journey a few weeks later that would lead us to America’s National Teenage Scholarship Organization’s 45th Anniversary National Competition in Nashville, Tennessee.

My mom contact Dr Burdell of Wellness Consultants who quickly began treatments for us.  Dr. Mark’s holistic approach to treatment was the only reason that we were able to make it to our national competition and enjoy an amazing 32 day trip across the country that took us through 23 states.  Not only did he help us relieve the pain and tension of the car accident, but he also became a sponsor for our trip and helped us to obtain sponsorship through Metagenics, as well.

Presenting a thank you certificate to Metagenics rep Sean Grapoli.
Presenting a thank you certificate
to Metagenics rep Sean Grapoli.

With Dr. Mark’s donations and those directly from Metagenics, we were able to supplement our meals with healthy meal replacement shakes and bars.  This allowed us to be healthier during our travels, instead of just eating out every meal.  During our competition week, we had long rehearsal days that would lead into competition.  To be able to start our morning before practice with a healthy shake that kept us energized to make it through 14 to 16 hour days was invaluable to us both.  While some girls were dragging and having to sit out part of the rehearsal, we were able to continue on and remain focused through the long days.  At one point, I had missed a couple of shakes and my allergies starting bothering me to the point I thought we might have to see a Doctor.  The next morning, I drank my shake and began feeling the allergies fade away.  I know that when we head to nationals next year, we will definitely have our Metagenics with us!!

Both my sister and I were able to make the Top 10 in the country at Nationals.  In addition to that, I received an Academic Excellence award that was complete with college scholarship.  My sister and I both worked very hard to get to Nationals, but it is because of Dr. Mark’s care, concern, and desire to see us succeed and be healthy that we were actually able to make the trip and be as successful as we were.  Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing journey and investing in our family…. mind, body, and soul.  Dr. Mark and everyone at Wellness Consultants have definitely become family to us.


Putting The Soy Debate in Perspective

We often find ourselves often talking about and debating nutrition when the Wellness Team is together. During our last team meeting the subject of soy, in-particular soy-protein in supplements was brought up. Because of this discussion Dr. Burdell challenged us to go to the research and find out more. He gave us the resource below, (of which we have included just the summary) follow the link to read the complete paper. Nutrition can get complicated with sources in the media making conflicting claims, and sometime science itself coming out with conflicting data. This paper does and excellent job of explaining why sometimes science has disagreed over soy and what the conclusion is based on a wide overview of topics.

Dr. Mark Burdell - MetagenicsMetagenics is a company we have been happily doing business with for a long time and have trusted their products for our own personal use, both Dr. Burdell and members of the team. “Metagenics was founded in 1983 on a brave new scientific concept: how the right nutrition could help people realize their best health possible by influencing what makes them unique—their genes. Back then we called it “genetic potential through nutrition.” It also makes us unique—it’s been our mission and a key differentiator ever since.”

“Our research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals, and turnkey programs help address each patient’s unique health needs for a higher level of personalized, lifetime wellness care. That’s why so many healthcare providers worldwide trust Metagenics over any other professional brand.” – See more

Position Paper on Soy – Metagenics, Inc.

Journalists and scientists have raised questions regarding the health benefits of soy and its components. Some select individuals and/or organizations even go as far as alluding to soy having a “dark side.”

As soy research experts will admit, it is difficult to reach a solid consensus on an area of research that continues to grow in sheer quantity. More difficult is the fact that studies are often conducted using a wide variety of soy products and varying protocols. As a result, much confusion is generated on the health effects of soy.

Many negative articles surrounding soy only focus on one particular study without conducting a balanced review of the extensive soy research. In contrast to these articles, a thorough evaluation of existing soy research will reveal many positive findings regarding the health benefits of soy. Some soy controversies have arisen from research protocols and approaches that are now viewed as outdated with results that are no longer relevant. Moreover, due to the lack of specificity in labeling terms such as “soy” or “soy protein,” it is often unclear what soy food or component is being examined in any particular study.

It is important to consider these points when reviewing any study on soy and health. Certainly, a preponderance of evidence supports the benefits of soy foods—particular soy protein and soy isoflavones—for the overall promotion of good health.

√ Metagenics supports the inclusion of soy foods in the diet due to their reported safety and efficacy.
√ It is well known that soy has a history of safe use, as demonstrated by its long history of consumption by Asian populations.
√ Opinion leaders such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) support the inclusion of soy in the diet. After a year long scientific review, the FDA granted a health claim regarding soy protein and its potential to reduce the risk of heart disease.
√ Substantial epidemiological and experimental data suggest that soy consumption may positively affect many aspects of health, including cardiovascular health, cancer risk reduction, menopausal symptom relief, and osteoporosis prevention.

Read the full paper here.

Metagenics Nutrigenomics with Jeff Bland

“Today, this ever-growing and respected field of science is known as nutrigenomics. And its been practiced for nearly 30 years by forward-thinking providers who utilize our industry-leading products and programs to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Now healthcare organizations worldwide recommend “lifestyle medicine” to improve health with basic nutrigenomic tenets: healthier eating and regular exercise. But we hold the key to making lifestyle medicine programs more effective, as well as more expedient with targeted nutritional support.

Our research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals, and turnkey programs help address each patient’s unique health needs for a higher level of personalized, lifetime wellness care. That’s why so many healthcare providers worldwide trust Metagenics over any other professional brand.”

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