Safeway & Social Responsibility on BPA

We were pleased to see this announcement from Safeway regarding the use of BPA in the products they sell. We applaud their steps toward social responsibility when it comes to a product we have concerns about. More grocery stores and manufactures should step up and work together to reduce our exposure to BPA (and waste it creates.)

“We understand that BPA in food containers, and other packaging and products, poses a concern for some consumers. In response to these concerns, Safeway’s food safety team has been closely monitoring third- party research on BPA and its effects… Safeway has begun working with private label product suppliers to identify acceptable alternatives to packaging containing BPA. It is our desire as a company to use BPA-free packaging for as many products as possible… We expect to make the transition on an ongoing basis as new options become commercially available.”

Read the full statement from Safeway.

For more information on see our blog on plastic and this video “The Story of Bottled Water“.