Reno / Tahoe Resort Vacation Give Away

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Reno Tahoe Vacation Contest*

This year we are pleased to announce that we are once again giving away one week of time at a Reno or Lake Tahoe Resort thru Club QM. This  can be divided with the permission of the scheduling department for QM Resorts.

We are offering entries for for our free services as well as and referrals of your friends and family.  Entry points are given for services and a drawing will be held selecting someone from the “point pool”.  May the best person win and enjoy the one week resort time available in Reno or Tahoe…at the resort of your choice from Club QM family of resorts there.

Review the different methods of accumulating entry points below as we will be adding new ways to accumulate entry points for the contest.

Stress Survey 1 entry
Wellness Screening 3 entries
Newsletter Sign up (opt in & get 2 issues) 1 entry
Forward Our Newsletter to a Friend 2 entries
Like our page on Facebook 1 entries
Become a New Patient 5 entries
Refer a Friend or Family Member 10 entries
Throw the Ball for Jada @ the Park (15 min) 1 entry
Wico Test and Consultation 2 entries
Kangen Water Trial (entries given @ 30 days) 3 entries

A Letter from the Peters Family, 2013 Winners

Escaping to Tahoe was a timely get-away for our family.  My husband had been gone for nearly seven months for work.  My kids and I were just finishing up extensive chiropractic treatment for an traffic accident and scoliosis.  We felt so blessed to have that opportunity away from the daily grind for time to reconnect and relax as a family.

The condo provided by Dr. Burdell was very spacious for our family of five (plus one, a friend of my sons).

To our delight, along with the condo, we had access to the Ridge Sierra Lodge, an expansive resort with many amenities.  There was a full spa, racquetball and tennis courts as well as a sport facility, a dining room, cafe, bar, gift shop, billiards, ping pong, and movie theater!

With access to the lodge we took advantage of some of the many complimentary services, like tennis lessons, the kids craft and activity room, shuttles to and from our condo, and family movie nights in the theater.

After we received lessons at the Heavenly Ski Resort, we took to the slopes.  When we had enjoyed all our bodies could manage on the snow, we avoided many of the ailments for such strenuous activity by falling into the hot tub and sauna after our days out, letting our muscles soak and relax away the aches and pains.

As my husband appropriately put it, our time in Tahoe was magical.  Everyday held a beautiful mixture of fun, excitement, and repose.  After all of the rain and fog we had been experiencing here in Lebanon, to see that glorious sun, be outside smelling the fresh pine, and taking in the grandeur of the mountains and lake, it was truly “just what the doctor ordered.”

A Letter from Beth Remington, 2012 winner.

My name was drawn for the prize by Wellness Consultants. The prize was a one week stay at Dr. Mark’s condo at Lake Tahoe.

We went in July of this year. The weather was magnificent, some of the hottest days they had seen in Stateline, NV so far that summer. The condo was on the top floor offering a great view of Carson Valley. We enjoyed our stay and want to thank Dr. Burdell again for the use of his condo.

* Must be 18 or older to win for more details please contact our office 541.223.5331. Check back often as these offers may change.