Detox Testimony

After someone suggested to me that I go see Dr. Mark Burdell and inquire about detoxification, I decided, “What could it hurt?

For a year and a half I had suffered from severe allergic eczema on my hands and feet. I had been unemployed for a year as I was no longer able to work as an RN because the frequent hand washing would cause my skin to break down even further, which put me and my patients at risk. My skin kept getting worse; it would peel and bleed and I had to bandage my fingers and toes and wear gloves all the time. At home I had another job working as a mom to my 4 kids. Changing diapers and preparing meals was challenging, when I couldn’t get my hands wet. I bought lots of prepackaged garbage from the frozen food section, and microwaved quite a bit.

My skin continued to get worse. I had it all over my body and sometimes I would be awake half the night with horrible itching. I became a regular at my doctor’s office. I usually got medicines to control the symptoms, steroid ointments, and antihistamines.  The steroids would work a little bit but after months of use they cause thinning of the skin, which only contributed to the problem.  I couldn’t tolerate antihistamines because they were too sedating, so I just lived with constant itching. I would wake up in the morning to bloody sheets from scratching. I desperately needed a better solution.

November 12, 2012 I prepared for the detox. I eliminated coffee and sugar from my diet and started drinking lots of water. I did the clear change 10 day detox  November 15-25th.

The first several days my skin actually got worse, but I knew this was likely and by the end of the 10 days I had some improvement. I had some other unexpected benefits. I was a busy mom, and I would have a lot of things on my mind, and a long to-do list. I didn’t have much time for myself but I would try and get up early and spend time reading my Bible, and praying; getting the strength I needed from God.  However, I was having problems focusing, and about a week into the detox I experienced a mental benefit. Even though I still had a thousand things on my mind, I was able to focus on one thing at a time. My ability to concentrate was much better. This has also helped me to de-stress. The ability to concentrate provided a decrease in stress mentally, which also had physiological benefits. My hands would flare more when I was stressed out, so this benefit ultimately affected my skin.

The elimination of certain foods also had a direct impact on my skin, as I could tell which foods were triggers when I reintroduced them later, because I was much more aware of what I was putting into my body.

Overall my skin has gradually been improving. Mid- December I was able to work again. I don’t have to bandage my hands or wear gloves all the time.  Though I can’t go back to work as a nurse yet, I do have hope that this may be a possibility again in the future.

Unfortunately, I did the 10 day detox 10 days before Thanksgiving. So I didn’t add back the foods as gradually as I had wanted to. Then came all the Christmas holiday sweets, especially chocolate.  Then, when the valley got hit by a week of snow and below freezing temperatures, I broke down and started drinking coffee with my favorite peppermint mocha coffee creamer.

My goal is to do the detox again, this time for 30 days and add the foods back one at a time and much slower.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the inconvenience I experienced as a result of the clear change detoxification.  I couldn’t fit into any of my pants! I went from a size 16 to a size 14 and dropped about 15 pounds. I had to go shopping, didn’t plan on that. Thank goodness for the Teen Challenge thrift stores, they hooked me up.

I am so grateful to God, for giving Dr. Mark the wisdom to deal with people’s health issues and provide solutions that really work.  I am thrilled to be on the road to better health.

Kelly Erikson RN

Brownsville, OR