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Our detox program uses a product from Metagenics  called Ultra Clear Renew. Ultra Clear Renew has a low glycemic index.  The rice syrup solids are complex carbohydrates.  The total sugars of 9 grams are predominantly fructose which has a glycemic index of 21 and is diabetic-friendly.  The reason that fructose is added to this formula is to reduce the glycemic index of the total carbohydrates.  20 grams total of carbohydrate which includes 3 grams of fiber, 9 grams of simple sugars and 8 grams of complex carbohydrates is the composition.  To put this into perspective an apple contains roughly 30 grams of carbohydrate, which is predominantly simple sugars comprised of fructose, sucrose, glucose and sorbitol.  The overall glycemic index of an apple is about 38 since the predominant sugar is fructose.  There is a good amount of fiber in an apple (~6 grams) as well which reduces the overall glycemic index.

An apple would be considered diabetic-friendly since it is a low glycemic index fruit.  It is, however, pretty much all carbohydrate.  Reduce the carbohydrate content by 1/3 or 10 grams, add 15 grams of protein (roughly 2 ounces of animal protein or one egg) and significantly higher fortification and you have Ultra Clear Renew.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does UltraClear RENEW™ Medical Food compare to other products or approaches?

A. Unlike some approaches, this medical food program provides a science-based protocol to help address underlying factors that may increase symptoms in chemically sensitive individuals. It’s the only medical food that specifically targets pain signaling and neuromuscular function in patients with fibromyalgia in a manner that does not carry a risk of serious adverse events associated with common target pathways to relieve pain. This product contains only natural ingredients for a safer approach with a scientifically designed blend of targeted nutrients–including quality rice protein–to support energy metabolism and balanced activities in both phases of the body’s detoxification process, particularly the second phase.

Q. How does UltraClear RENEW™ Medical Food work?

A. This medical food provides nutrients that help target underlying issues associated with fibromyalgia, such as altered pain signaling and neuromuscular function. Science-based metabolic detoxification programs are often recommended as a first approach to help clean out the environmental “junk” that may be affecting your health–or causing you pain. Some evidence suggests that certain heavy metals, such as the mercury in dental amalgam, may increase pain and fatigue in those who are already chemically sensitive. UltraClear RENEW is formulated to help relieve pain and stiffness, and also provides research-based nutrients to support important detoxification activities, such as heavy metal metabolism. The rice protein base has a lower allergenic potential than many common protein sources, which (along with careful formulation and manufacturing) helps make this product suitable for dietary elimination programs. This product is recommended for use with a modified elimination diet that reduces dietary chemical exposure.

Q. How long is UltraClear RENEW™ Medical Food typically recommended?

A. In a 4-week preliminary study,** the UltraClear RENEW program demonstrated significantly decreased pain and stiffness, improved quality of life, and increased mercury excretion. This product may also be recommended for long-term support. For best results, follow your health care professional’s guidelines. (** With UltraClear RENEW and a modified elimination diet in a small number of fibromyalgia patients with dental amalgams conducted at the FMRC, after a 4-week control phase with UltraClear MACRO(r) and the Standard American Diet with seafood excluded.)

Q. How would a detoxification program help me?

A. Today, we are all exposed to chemicals in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. Many common complaints to doctors, such as mental and physical fatigue, may be signs of environmental overload. Supporting the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process may be beneficial. Not all detoxification programs are science-based, and some may deplete the body of vital nutrients and energy to support the natural elimination process.

Q. Who would benefit from UltraClear RENEW™ Medical Food?

A. People whose quality of life is affected by recurring, non-specific muscle pain and stiffness associated with fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by altered pain signaling and neuromuscular function. This formula was designed for individuals who may benefit from additional support for detoxification function, including heavy metabolism, which may be influencing symptoms.

Q. Why is UltraClear RENEW™ Medical Food safe?

A. Medical foods must contain ingredients that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) or FDA approved, and Metagenics continually evaluates formula ingredients in concert with current nutritional research for optimal safety and effectiveness. Plus, Metagenics’ manufacturing facility has 3 certifications for good manufacturing practices to ensure the highest quality. (This product is not recommended for those taking anti-coagulant medications. This product is suitable for those who may be sensitive to lactose or soy. See online catalog for complete allergen information.)