“My feet have hurt for a long time. I came to Dr. Burdell about getting orthotics. He scanned my feet, so he could make a custom order. I got my orthotics on a Wednesday and started wearing them immediately. They are the best. My feet no longer hurt and are no longer tired. Thank you so much Dr. Burdell!” Mollie H.

“I went to my doctor for sciatic pain and a pinched nerve. He put me on anti-inflammatory medicine which made me sleepy and didn’t solve the problem. I’ve been coming to Dr Burdell for two weeks and all my pain and stiffness is gone. I would recommend his service. He has really helped me to get back to good health.” Stephen K.

“I was in a fairly severe car accident and was in pretty bad shape. I was referred to Wellness Consultants and am so glad I was! Dr. Burdell and staff have been assets to my recovery and I was very blessed to find them. I appreciate the kindness and professionalism of the staff as well as the friendly and welcoming environment. I love being greeted by Jada each visit too!!!” Kandi M.

“Dr Burdell and the staff at Wellness Consultants have been amazing! They’ve helped relieve my pain and tension from several problems. He has also helped my children in different concerns, from hyperactivity to headaches. He is also very good about helping us move towards a healthier lifestyle.

I would recommend Wellness Consultants to anyone wanting to improve pain levels and increase their health.” Dana B.

“Dr Burdell and the team has helped me so much. I am only 12 so I like to color and stuff like that. So the Doc gives me crayons and some blank paper, so I have something to do in the waiting room!

After Doc treats me I am always relaxed. I feel so much better than when I first come in. Whenever I am here in the office I feel so welcomed.

I went on a trip around the U.S. and Wellness Consultants gave my family and I some shake mixes and meal bars. They were awesome! They were easy meals and we didn’t need to eat drive through on our trip. Doc is AWESOME!” Jessica W. (read about their trip here.)

“The people here are welcoming and willing to. I feel that I have improved my health a lot since I’ve been coming here.” Laura B.

“Dr Burdell makes me feel good. I feel more relaxed after treatment. The staff is very nice. I feel like I’m with family when I see Dr. Burdell. He even makes sure my brother, sisters and I get healthy snacks when we come after a school.” Christian B.

“I just want you to know that we still wish you were in Arizona.  You are still the best doc I have ever had and my sciatica has not given me trouble since you fixed me up.  I will be 65 soon and was in my 50s then.  All that money I had spent on traction and electronic stretching machines, etc.  Every so often I feel the need to say thanks.” Lisa D.

“The Foot Levelers Orthotics have really made a difference for me. I came in the first day with back pain and hip issues, as well as headaches everyday. All of that has been fixed! It’s been made 100% better after only a short amount of time. I have been to chiropractors before and they only looked at the symptoms not the whole problem.” Amber

“My aches and pains are gone! My back problems are so improved it’s amazing. Adjustments and other interventions make my back so well. At home I use a “Posture Pump” from Dr. Burdell that stretches my neck to reverse my aging posture.” Joyce S.

“I went first to my doctor for sciatic pain. He put me on anti-inflammatory medicine which made me sleepy and didn’t solve the problem. I’ve been coming to Dr. Burdell for two weeks and all my pain and stiffness is gone. I would recommend his services. He has really helped me to get back into good health.” Stephen K.

“I came here with unending pain, and in just a few months I was good as new! With little aches here and there Dr. Burdell was able to keep up on them and make everything better.” Jane D.

“Everyday the pain is less and less and I feel better. I’ve been suffering and going to other chiropractors, but they seemed to do the least possible. Thank God for Dr. Burdell and his staff.” J. Barr

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