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“Dr Burdell had helped me a lot. He has been a lot of help to me by treating my back, neck, hips & knees. Without his help I would not be able to maintain a quality life!!” John Q.

“Dr. Burdell has brought relief to my back issues. He has been proactive in helping me in a wide variety of ways to improve my health and well-being. He is both knowledgeable and personable. He genuinely care for the health of his patients both short and long term.” James D.

“After discovering my 7 year old boy had been experiencing ringing in his ears for the past two years we brought him to Dr. Burdell. After only two visits the ringing disappeared and didn’t return. After a few more visits we began to notice improvements in his ADD tendencies.” Gwen P.

“When I came to Doctor Mark Burdell  I had acute pancreatitis. I was taking all kinds of test to see what the problem was. After a year of testing and going to the emergency room 4 times a week to get a cocktail of medication they removed  my gallbladder thinking this was the cause of all my pain. Three weeks later the pain came back.

They couldn’t find what the problem was, so I went to a reiki master healer and they told me I had acute pancreatitis the reiki master treated it for 2 years, but it continued to return.

At Dr. Burdell’s I have taken 11 laser treatments and since then the pains don’t flair very often.  I’m still taking treatments 2 times a month to keep it gone.  One day I came in and my organs started hurting just out of the blue and put the laser on there that has has not came back.”  Ann P.

“After my accident I couldn’t move my head or shoulder, they were in so much pain and in a frozen state. Then I started going to Dr. Burdell, getting adjusted and having massage therapy. I’m on my way to healing and have my range of motion returning! I also added the Kangen water to my daily life and my healing has sped up. I highly recommend Doctor Burdell.” Kapi R.

“My name is John and I am 28. I have been struggling with mild back pain for about 2 years and it progressed to severe pain and sleepless nights. I had become unable to walk without a cane and could no longer play with my 18mo. old son. After about 12 weeks of aggressive treatment with Dr. Burdell my back is doing much better and I am no longer using a cane. I sleep well at night and am off all pain management meds. Best of all I am able to be a father who can keep up with his son!” John N.

“When I called Dr. Burdell’s office I could barely walk, only with servere lower back pain and in tears. This had gone on for about 2 weeks before I called. They got me in that day. I had 11 treatments and during at least 7 of those I cried while he was adjusting me. He kept adjusting my back and using the laser on me, and now I am pain free. I am a firm believer in his treatment, but swear by the laser.” Sandi M.

“I had a torn ligament in my shoulder that previous doctors had passed over as a sprain. Consequently I went 3 years without relief, my shoulder pain would often cause me to hunch over and I even had lumps of scar tissue in the shoulder. Dr. Burdell used a combination of therapies which include a percussor to break up the scar tissue, a laser to aid healing, and manual adjustment to aid range of motion. The pain is now gone and the lumps with it.” Sue M.