Low Force Chiropractic

The Activator Method is the third most popular type of chiropractic treatment method using a device as an alternative to manual manipulation of the spine and extremities.

Win A Vacation

This year we are pleased to announce that we are once again giving away one week of time at a Reno or Lake Tahoe Resort thru Club QM.

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Our Patients Love Us

Here's what they are saying...

“My aches and pains are gone! My back problems are so improved its amazing. Adjustments make my back so well.”

Joyce S.

“The Foot Levelers Orthotics have really made a difference for me. I came in the first day with back pain and hip issues, as well as headaches everyday. All of that has been fixed!”


“I came here with unending pain, and in just a few months I was good as new! With little aches here and there Dr. Burdell was able to keep up on them and make everything better.”

Jane D.